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13 October, 2015

#VMworld #keynote with Carl Eschenbach

Hi all,
this morning, on stage for the first keynote session, we had Mr. Carl Eschenbach.

After a brief introduction on the number of attendees for this edition of VMworld, 10k attendees from 96 countries,
Carl Eschenbach have spoken about the three challenges for today IT professional:

First of all Cloud silos

Then, application silos

And finally, device proliferation

Every days IT guys have to cope with traditional applications and cloud native applications, trying to make users happy and all the core business run.

The strategic solution proposed by VMware is to have one managed unified hybrid cloud

This will leverage the possibility of executing traditional and cloud-native applications in an unique managed environment (ANY APPLICATION).

And on any devices, starting from workstations/laptops and going throught all the flavours of tablets and smartphones (ANY DEVICE).

In this below last picture you can see VMware idea of "Architecture for IT"

Another great news is that, also VMware, is moving forward with CONTAINERS: there will be the possibility of extending the existing vSphere infrastructure, or to deploy an ad-hoc infrastucture, VMware Photon Infrastructure, that will leverage the power of container technology, as we are seeing with Docker and we will see with RedHat containers and RedHat RHEL Atomic host flavour.


12 October, 2015

#vExpert #meetup 2015 in #Barcelona

Hi all,
As all the year during VMworld days, the comunity guy, Corey Romero, organizes the networking events for the vExperts.

This year it was scheduled for Monday 12 at 7PM at the Elephant Restaurant and Lounge.

Great event, with a lot of VMware enthusiasts, and a good moment for networking.

Lot of great names attend the meetup.

Here one pictures of the event


#VMworld #HandsOnLabs: as always a success!

Hello all,
This morning, very early, I manage to take an hands on lab.

When I've finished the queue for the Self paced Labs were very long.
As always the HOL attract a lot of people, because you can experiment in a controlled environments, all you cannot do during your normal working days.

My advice is to try at least one of this labs as they are useful to understand new features, optimize your current environments improving your knowledge and get advices from the expert staff that are there to help you.

If you are CloudCred member, don't forget to scan th QR code when you finish your labs: this will give you points.

Here's the pictures of the HOL place.


#vRockStar 2015 Pre-#VMworld Meetup/Party

Hello all,
Great party with a lot of virtualizarion enthusiasts at HardRock CafĂ© in Barcelona, Plaza de Catalunia. 

Thank you to all the sponsors that make it possible: networking with so much people is a great way of expanding social and technical horizons.

Thanks also for the frre T--Shirts. I'm posting pictires of it to show the sponsors that make it possible.

But remember: tomorrow at 8.00PM all the activities at VMWorld begin, so try to keep a good sleep


11 October, 2015

Just registered to #VMWorld #EMEA 2015

Hello all,
not very sunny but quite a warm day here in Barcelona.
I've just gone to register myself to the conference and, as always, there was quite a few people.

Best way to go to Europa Gran Fira Conference center is to reach Plaza de Espana and then take the first train on the pink line.

When you register do not forget to go at the info point and ask for your 10 free travel tickets.

Have you filled your agenda?

Are you ready for a five day marathon?

Do you prefer to do some Hands on Labs ?

Or you are waiting to network with experts?


09 October, 2015

First time at #Barcelona #VMworld: #Underground map

Hi all,
Here's the underground map for Metro Barcelona for the attendees that come in Barcelona dor the first time

Hope to help you!
For other useful links read my previous posts

#VMworld: weather forecast in #Barcelona

Hi all,
Are you filling your luggage?
Here's the weater forecast for next week.
Be prepared

And don't forget to fill in your agenda: read my previous posts for the links!