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29 August, 2012

VMware Video: The software defined datacenter

Here's one of the video presented at VMWorld.
The Software Defined Datacenter (#SDDC).


 more @ VMware-NOW


27 August, 2012

VMworld 2012: general session news

Hello all,
I've followed VMworld 2012 San Francisco general session with the VMware NOW Live stream.

CEO Pat Gelsinger starts speaking first:
the bigger news are:

  • Sphere 5.1 is released and No more vRAM entitlement for VMware licensing. The license will be calculate just per socket.
  • VMware re-affirms it's commitment to Open Source Cloud management
  • "Monster VM" now scales to 64 vCPUs and 1 million+ IOPS hence support very demanding applications (i.e.:Exchange, SAP; Oracle, Medical applications)

CTO Steve Harrod on stage speaks about VCD and

  • BigData and Project Serengeti,
  • Hadoop Clusters on demand
  • Enhanced vMotion
  • Storage directions (No more LUNS but vVols)
  • Ecosystem around VXLAN
  • Security Enhacements

Finally some words about DynamicOPS, acquired in August that will provide agilem self service and policy-based provisioning


Replay of #VMwareNOW keynote at #VMworld will be available on-demand Mon afternoon PST http://t.co/XytVKRsz

26 August, 2012

Something big is about to happen...

Hello all,

From VMware site,
VMware CMO Rick Jackson invites all to view the VMworld keynote live for breaking news that will help accelerate your transition to cloud computing.

Important announcements coming Aug 27, VMworld keynote streamed live. Don't miss it! #VMwareNOW - ow.ly/d3D1s


13 August, 2012

VMworld 2012: San Francisco and Barcelona

From VMworld site:
Don't miss VMworld 2012 and take advantage of this exceptional opportunity for IT and business professionals.
Navigating the world of cloud computing can be daunting. Not only does it demand a new level of innovation and performance, it requires the confidence to push system and software delivery to the next level.
At VMworld 2012, we offer the tools and training you need to master this new landscape, with the speed, security and control you've come to expect. We are ready. The technology is here. And the partners are in place. Move with the boldness of the industry that never sleeps — go with the power of VMware at your side.
Register now... 


12 August, 2012

VMware Has acquired Log Insight

Mountain View, CA – August 7th 2012 – Pattern InsightTM today announced that it has come to an agreement with VMware Inc. to sell its Log Insight product, together with its team and technology.
Log Insight is an analytics and log management platform that has the ability to analyze large amounts of machine-generated data in real time. It is used for operational analytics in traditional data center and cloud environments. It has the ability to discover emerging patterns and guide administrators to the root cause of problems.