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17 February, 2012

VCAP DCD 5: Beta exam

Hello all, I've been invited to VCAP DCD 5 Beta exam.
Will be next week and I hope that the monitor for the exam will be larger than the one on which I've passed the VCAP DCD 4 (15'' CRT monitor... Bad headache after the exam and crying eyes during and after the test).
PearsonVUE must understand that and exam that least 4 hours is something you cannot do in front of this kind of device...
Another stuff that makes me worry is that I must wait at least 8 weeks to know the outcome of the test...
Will let you know in the near future.

10 February, 2012

VDI CONTEST: win a TrainSignal "VMware View 5 Essentials Training" 2 DVD Package

Hello all,
as I promised in one of my previous post I have - with the help of TrainSignal Staff - pulled together a free giveaway to 2 lucky winners. 

Here's the contest that starts now and finish at 11.59PM of March 16th 2012

1) comment (since now until 11.59PM of March 16th 2012) this post answering one or more of these questions about VDI (no matter the brand):
  • Why is Virtual Desktops technology important nowadays, in your opinion?
  • What are the most important features of VDI in your opinion?
  • What should be improved in VDI technologies that are now on the market?
Remember to put your email to be contacted in case you are one of the winners:.
Posts are moderated so they will appear as soon as I check them.

2 x TrainSignal "VMware View 5 Essentials Training" 2 DVD Package at the first two winners.
There is no better answers: the two names will be extracted randomly among all the partecipants and the winners will be  announced March 20, 2012

Thank you and good luck!

09 February, 2012

Home Lab: HA and DRS at home on vSphere 5

Last but not least,
why do not cut the virtual power cord of the virtual vSphere 5 host and trigger the HA?
Let's try to do it: some Virtual machines are on host ESXi1 and some on host ESXi2. I will power off ESXi2 in the same way it would happen if the power goes away... go to ESXi2 virtual machine and issue the "Power off" command!
See what happens in the video below and look what an aggressive mode DRS does when I restart the "malfunctioned" host.

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08 February, 2012

TrainSignal CBT: VMWare View 5 Essential Training

Hello all,
Last week I've got a package from TrainSignal that contains the brand new released training: "VMWare View 5 Essential Training". This course comes on two DVDs or can be accessed online (Mobile On-Demand Training Train Where You Want, When You Want).

I've attended the training from my home workstation: the training is very complete and it's a must for both for virtualization starters and virtualization designers/administrators (as the course cover the upgrade process from View 4.5 to View 5.0 along with new features like Persona Management and the new PCoIP optimization settings).

This course was designed to walk you through:
  • The concepts of a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
  • The components of VMware View
  • How to install and configure VMware View
  • How to manage desktop pools, user data, printing and applications within VMware View
  • Some basic troubleshooting tips

The instructors of the course are:
  • Certified Instructor Brian Knudtson Brian Knudtson vExpert, Quadruple VCP, VCA-Desktop, VCP-Desktop, VCAP-DCA, VCAP-DCD
  • Certified Instructor Lane Leverett Lane Leverett VCDX 3 and 4 (VCDX #53), VCAP4-DCD, VCA4-DT , VCP4-DT, VCP3 and 4, MCSE NT4/2000/2003, CCNA, DCUCD, DCUC

I've inserted the first DVD in my laptop and a splash windows appears with the table of contents of the training

so to have an easy navigation through all the subjects and jump back and forth into the matters that you are most interested in.
Clicking on each "chapter" will open the video lesson on your default browser.

if you want you can watch a demo of a lesson just click on the image above.

The whole course is divided into 15 lessons (you can learn a lot with more than 7 hours of videos...). The course outline is depicted in the figure below.

The second DVD come with additional format materials: high resolution videos, mp3 and pdf with useful instructor notes.

As always - a great training from TrainSignal

I'm trying to organize a CONTEST on this blog that will have as prizes two DVD packages of TrainSignal "VMWare View 5 Essential Training", so...



07 February, 2012

Home Lab: Storage vMotion at home on vSphere 5

Why stop the fun with just the vMotion when we have shared iSCSI storage.

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Home Lab: vMotion at home on vSphere 5

Hello all,
after deploying some Windows XP Virtual machines (previous post), have some fun vMotioning a virtual back and forth, while pinging around...

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Using the home lab: mass deployment of WinXP

Hello all,
after creating the home lab, let's start using it.
First of all I start with the cretion of a Windows XP template followed by a "mass" deployment of virtual machines on different iSCSI shared storage.
Below the video of the deployment: each virtual machine use a saved customization wizard to sysprep the system and join the domain.

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05 February, 2012

Creating the lab: some words on shared storage

In order to create the home lab I've followed the instructions from "Building the Ultimate vSphere Lab" by Sammy Bogaert so there is no need to rewrite it down

Some exceptions to the proposed configuration of the above article were done: I've used Microsoft SQL 2005 instead of SQL 2008 and I've not used the Microsoft iSCSI as shared storage: I've preferred to use Openfiler ESA version 2.99.2 that come with a good web interface to configure it and because I prefer Linux flavours :) .

After enabling software iSCSI on the two ESXi you will see the vmhba33 iSCSI Software adapter in your Configuration Storage Adapters vCenter Tab

Go to Configuration Networking and create a VMKernel Port on a standard vSwitch

I've found two articles on the web that help me configure the shared storage.
The first is "How to Configure LUN Masking with Openfiler 2.99 and ESXi 4.1" by Mike Brown: don't worry about the title... the configuration is the same also for vSphere 5.0

The second article - written in italian language - is "SAN iSCSI con Openfiler" by Alessio Carta.

At the end of the configuration I've got my six shared storages on iSCSI as you can see in the below picture

Maybe in the future I will add a Iomega Storecenter IX-200...


04 February, 2012

Finally a decent vSphere home lab

As I wrote in my previous post about New year resolution, I would like to build a good enought vSphere home lab.

Finally I get it.

First of all the list of hardware ingredients:
  • Motherboard: P8Z68-V Asus P8Z68-V Z68 i7/i5/i3 SLI/CrossFire DDR3
  • CPU: Intel Core i7 2600 3.40GHz Cache 8MB Sandy Bridge LGA1155 BOX
  • Storage: Solid State Disk Intel SSDSC2MH120A2K5 510 SSD SataIII MLC 120GB 2.5" 400/210 Mb/s
  • Memory: Kingston Kit 2 x 4GB DDR3-1333 PC3-10666 Unbuffered for a total of 16 GB
other storage:
  • WDC WD15EADS 1.5TB to be used as iSCSI (read the future posts) with OpenFiler
  • WDC WD3000GLFS to store non I/O intensive virtual machine (read future posts) of the lab

I've followed "Building the Ultimate vSphere Lab" by Sammy Bogaert

I'm happy with my home lab 'till now, as I'm running it on VMWare Workstation 8 hosted on Windows 7 x64 and as you can see from the above and below screenshots, I've got a lot of spare resources to be used also if I'm running 7 at the same time:
  • Domain Controller
  • SQL 2005
  • OpenFiler iSCSI Storage
  • vCenter 5
  • 2 x vSphere 5
  • Smoothwall

Stay tuned for next posts for vSphere 5 cluster configuration and OpenFiler iSCSI configuration.