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06 November, 2011

Cisco Blog: Expanding the Nexus 7000 family

a blog post on Cisco blog:

Cisco recently announced the Nexus 7009 chassis expanding the Nexus 7000 family to 3 chassis. To refresh your memory on the Nexus 7000 family, here’s a quick at a glance comparison

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05 November, 2011

From VROOM blog: Comparing ESXi 4.1 and ESXi 5.0 Scaling Performance

From Vroom Blog:

vSphere 5 includes many new features and virtual machine enhancements, the details of which can be found here. To the IT professional weighing the costs and benefits of upgrading their existing infrastructure to vSphere 5, an often important question is whether ESXi 5.0 can outperform ESXi 4.1 in the same environment. VMmark 2 is an ideal tool for answering this question with measurable results. We used VMmark 2.1.1 to see how ESXi 5.0 stacked up to ESXi 4.1 on an identically configured cluster.
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