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29 September, 2011

From VMWare Blog: VMware View 4.x is not Supported in vSphere 5.0

From VmWare Blog, an important KB article for those upgrading from VMware View 4.0.x

Those of you using VMware View have probably already seen this post about the potential of data loss if you do not follow the specific instructions in the KB article when upgrading from View 4.x

We have another equally important piece of information you also want to be fully aware of.

Customers that are upgrading their vSphere environment to 5.0 need to understand that VMware View 4.x is not supported in vSphere 5.0. View 5.0 is however, backwards compatible to several older versions of vSphere. It is then necessary to upgrade your View infrastructure first, before vSphere.

Please consult KB vSphere 5.x does not support View Manager 4.x (2006216) for details on this matter.
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19 September, 2011

From ComputerWorld: "Microsoft cracks live migration problem"

An article about long distance migration with Microsoft Hyper-V version 3 hypervisor...

With the next release of Windows Server operating system, Microsoft has conquered one of the thorniest problems in virtualisation: moving an operational virtual machine (VM) across a wide area network (WAN).

Microsoft unveiled this new feature at the recent Microsoft BUILD conference in Anaheim, California. It will be available in Microsoft's Hyper-V version 3 hypervisor, included in Microsoft's next server operating system, Windows Server 8.
The technology "marks a point where Microsoft will ship the first real formidable challenger to VMware vSphere," Wolf said.[...]
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18 September, 2011

VMWorld Copenhagen 2011: 1 month to the event

Hello all,

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17 September, 2011

From EMC Blog: "Harris: What It Takes To Build A Trusted Cloud"

A real interesting post from EMC blog on Herris Corporation and its trust in cloud.

[...] They've built on Vblocks -- and other technologies from V,C and E -- to offer up an extremely well-positioned service: the Harris Trusted Enterprise Cloud. Their proposition was simple: the Harris cloud has the foundation to be more secure and more trusted than anything most enterprise IT organizations could do themselves.

Since its announcement, I've always wanted to know more about the details: what made it different, and who were the key people behind the offering.

This week, I was fortunate enough to have an extended conversation with Wyatt Starnes, VP of Advanced Concepts at Harris' Cyber Integrated Solutions division.

By the way, I think Wyatt has me beat in the Cool Job Title competition.

Wyatt is not only one of the lead actors in this story, he's a wealth of compelling insight. [...]

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06 September, 2011

Srinivas Krishnamurti on Vmware communities: Announcing VMware Horizon Mobile Manager

On Aug 30 during VMWorld in Las Vegas, Srinivas Krishnamurti announced VMware Horizon Mobile Manager (HMM).

We are very excited to announce VMware Horizon Mobile Manager (HMM) at VMworld 2011. HMM is a product that will allow enterprise IT administrators to create, provision, monitor and manage a corporate phone that will be running on an employee-owned smart phone. In this blog, I will provide context for this product, highlight some of its key capabilities and tie HMM back to our vision for the post-PC era.
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03 September, 2011

Liquidware Labs ProfileUnity FlexApp Voted Finalist for Best of VMworld 2011 Awards in Best New Technology Category

From liquidwarelabs.com

LAS VEGAS, NV., September 1, 2011 - Yesterday at VMworld® 2011, Liquidware Labs, the leader in desktop transformation solutions, announced that ProfileUnity with FlexApp was named a finalist in the Best New Technology category at the Best of VMworld 2011 awards. Sponsored and conducted by TechTarget Inc. (NASDAQ: TTGT), the Best of VMworld awards received more than 200 submissions from companies competing across eight categories.

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From Citrix blog: Citrix and Vmware will work together?

A post on Citrix Blog seems to announce some cooperation between the two companies:

[...] So VMware, listen up: We’re open to working with you guys.. Let’s embrace coopetition! We consider your creation of the vSphere for Desktops license as an official invitation to the dance, so please consider this our nod & curtsey. [...]

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02 September, 2011

From Vmware Blog: project Octopus

A new project has been announced @ VMWorld 2011 in Las Vegas by Sam Khavari, director, Product Management, End-User Computing @VMware

"code name" of the project: Octopus

Project Octopus will enable users to access files from any device and share them with people both inside (other colleagues) and outside (vendors, customers, partners) their companies in a completely safe and secure way. Additionally, IT leaders will have control to apply access and security policies and, intelligently manage data that is old or out of date.
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