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18 April, 2011

Video: finally here vSphere Client for iPad (Part Two)

... let's use the app.


16 April, 2011

Video: finally here vSphere Client for iPad (Part One)

Hello all,
finally vSphere Client for iPAD has been released.
watch the video to configure vCMA to start working with this APP!


09 April, 2011

The Cloud is coming: configuring vCloud Request Manager

Hi all,
here's a video from VmwareKB.
http://kb.vmware.com/kb/1031100 - This video discusses and demonstrates how to configure VMware vCloud Request Manager using the initial configuration wizard.


08 April, 2011

From vSamurai Blog: Real Life DR & BC, with VMware SRM

From vSamurai Blog:

As seismically active as Japan is, it would seem a functional requirement of vSphere designs to encompass DR/BC planning, so I was surprised to find out that we were one of the few companies in Japan implementing SRM in a production capacity when we started the project about 2 years ago. I suspect that the infancy of production VMware deployments here has some influence on this.

Read all...

07 April, 2011

Vmware Solution Track on Tour: The Journey to the Cloud

hi all,
today I've attended Vmware Solution Track on Tour: the journey to the Cloud
I've brainstormed a lot during the sessions on the way to help customers going ahead to reach "the cloud": some good ideas have sprung out and I've jotted them down.
A good day with good Vmware guys, fantastic location and weather and one (SuSE) lizard on the terrace.

here some pictures from the event


02 April, 2011

Video: No Joke: Kinect Managing Cloud Servers

From datacenterknowledge.com:

The idea grew out of a tweet from of BlueShift. Weaver picked up on the idea and brought it to life. It’s amazing how the Kinect has spurred the imagination of so many technologists. Sometimes real life is stranger and cooler than you expect

Interactive Cloud - Nicholas Weaver(@lynxbat) from Nicholas Weaver on Vimeo.