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04 July, 2010

VmWare and NFS: multivendor post

Hello all,
surfing the Internet I've found out this article written by Vaughn Stewart (NetAPP) and Chad Sakac (EMC). It's really interesting and I wish to trackback to the link(s).

A “Multivendor Post” to help our mutual NFS customers using VMware (Virtual Geek)

A “Multivendor Post” to help our mutual NFS customers using VMware (The Virtual Storage Guy)


03 July, 2010

Analysis of different VDI technologies

hello all,
on Ruben Spruijt's Blog a very in depth post analyzing different VDI technologies.

The four solutions analyzed are:
- Citrix XenDesktop
- Microsoft VDI
- Quest vWorkspace
- VMware View

If you're looking for an independent overview of the Server Hosted Desktop Virtualization (VDI) solutions and you're curious about the different features and functions of each vendor's, then this paper is for you!

In the current market there's an increasing demand for unbiased information about Desktop Virtualization solutions. This white paper is focused on solutions that are anticipated to have an important role in VDI deployments. An overview of available features of Citrix XenDesktop, Microsoft VDI, Quest vWorkspace and VMware View is created to better understand each solution's capability.
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Thank you Ruben for the great article


01 July, 2010

vConverter 5.0 is GA Today

I've attended the beta testing session of vConverter 5.0 and I post the link to the article on vCommunity that announces the general availability for this powerful software that includes the new P2V2P capabilities in the release.
This new features can be used in different scenarios including

- use virtual systems to ease physical system upgrades;
- use virtual systems to enable real-time load balancing;
- use virtual systems for more flexible data protection and disaster recovery of physical systems

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Data Deduplication and Compression with NetAPP

From NetAPP Blog an article by Vaughn Stewart about Data Ontap:
One of the questions many have asked has been, ‘Why hasn’t NetApp announced data compression in Ontap?’ This is great quesiton which I felt was easier to share and answer with the community rather than reply to individually.
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New Layout Design for Virtualaleph

Hello all,

I've some spare time today and I've redesigned the layout of my blog.

If you have some spare time too, please visit the site and tell me what you think voting with the vote function on the top right poll widget.

I would like also to receive some comments :)