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06 June, 2010

Vizioncore vCommunity: vEcoShell 1.2.6 is Now Available

Scott Herold write an article in vCommunity WeBlog announcing the availability of vEcoShell 1.2.6

What's New with 1.2.6

•Completely rewritten PowerPack to support VMware
PowerCLU 4.0 Update 1 and its ability to manage connections to multiple
$viServer objects.
•Ability to copy and paste code from "PowerShell Code"
tab directly into standalone PS1 files (Will still need to Add-PSSnapin and
Connect-VIServer for script to function).
•Ability to copy and paste code
snippets from the internet and they will work without needing to add our
$managedHost.connection code everywhere.

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