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25 February, 2009

3.15 PM: latency based performance analysis

After VmWare Unplugged I'm here waiting to attend a session about analysis of performance before and after AppSpeed.
the speakers are Scott Drummonds (Mktg) and Asaf Wexler (R&D).

stay tuned


VIDEO: VmWorld 2009 Opening Session Part 5

Opening session day One keynote video Part 5 (Final)


VIDEO: VmWorld 2009 Opening Session Part 4

Opening session Keynote Video Part 4


VIDEO: VmWorld 2009 Opening Session Part 3

Keynote video day one Part 3:


VIDEO: VmWorld 2009 Opening Session Part 2

Day one keynote video part 2


25th Feb: General Session Keynote

I'm in my seat waiting for the opening keynote of today: Dr. Stephen Harrod will give us a view on the future of virtualization "from the desktop to the datacenter"

see the auditorium filling up.


24 February, 2009

The Orange Zone: Hands On Labs

Today I walk to the Orange Zone. The open space is full of desks and oragne t-shirted guys that follow you during your session with self paced labs.
Hand On Labs are opened from 11 AM to 6 PM until Feb 25Th and from 9 AM to 4 PM on Feb 26th.
The labs are 13 and here's the list of what you can put your hands on:
  • Next Generation Datacenter Exploration
  • Securing Virtual Datacenter with VmWare VShield
  • VmWare vCenter SRM
  • VmWare Lifecycle Manager
  • Lab Manager and Stage Manager
  • vCenter Data Recovery (Tech Preview)
  • vCenter appSpeed
  • View manager and Composer
  • ThinApp
  • ViewManager and Offline Desktops
  • Powershell
  • vNetwork Distribuited Switch: Cisco Nexus 1000v
  • VmSafe and Virtual Firewall
I was not lucky as all the seats at lab 11 was busy: I will retry tomorrow.
Have a look at the Orange Zone:


Tech Preview: VMware vCenter Server

While I'm blogging the seesio is about to start.
The speakers are Catherine Fan and David Friedlander, respectively Technical Marketing Manager and Sr. Product Marketing Manager (both from VmWare).

get back later

Breakout session: introduction to VM vCenter Orchestrator

Hello all,
I'm attending Sia Yiu session on vCenter Orchestartor.
For now the best session I've attended at VmWorld 2009!
Basically VMWare Orchestrator helps you in automatizing a lot of tasks inside your virtual infrastructure: the product come with predefined and customizable workflows tha can be applied to a wide set of common tasks from simple one to really complicated (upgrade from an ESX release to a new one a complete set of live ESX hosts),
All the workflows are exportable and reusable/recustomizable in a different environment

VIDEO: VmWorld 2009 Opening Session

Hi all,
the opening session is just finished: Paul Maritz announce vSphere as the new name for next release of Virtual Infrastructure.
He introduced the concept of virtual cloud as the future environment for the IT as a Service.

In the second part of the session we have an example of how an Intenal Cloud has been created at SAP.

Keynote day one - Part One


23 February, 2009

VmWorld 2009 is started: Partners Day

Hello all,
I'm in Cannes for VmWorld 2009: I've just listened to the Opening Keynote from Paul Maritz (President and CEO of VmWare) for partners.
After Paul Maritz we have a speech from Carl Eschenbach, Executive Vice President of Worldwide Operations, and a brief keynote from Maurizio Carli, General Manager EMEA.
Unfortunatly I cannot post videos at the moment.
In the meanwhile I can only say that future of virtualization with VmWare is full of new features :)
Stay tuned!


17 February, 2009

Auto-Scheduler for VmWorld 2009 Session

Hi all,
I've just received an email from Vmworld 2009 event mailing list: there is a very useful tool to give priorities to sessions of your interest and auto schedule all the event based on what you most like. It's possible to add also your personal appointments and resolve the conflict among them and the Vmworld Lab and speakers sessions.
Unfortunatly you cannot book the session seat :) .
here's the link: Scheduler Assistant

01 February, 2009

VMWorld 2009 - Session and Speakers Catalog

Hello all,
here's just some of the interesting things we will see at VMWorld 2009:
  • Best Practices for Deploying SharePoint/MOSS 2007 on VMware Infrastructure
  • Virtualizing Exchange 2007 and BlackBerry Enterprise on VMware Infrastructure
  • An Introduction to VMware vCenter Orchestrator
  • vCenter Server for Linux
  • VDI versus Terminal Services
  • Improving Desktop Application Deployment with ThinApp
  • Desktop Disaster Recover with View and SRM
  • An Introduction to VMware vCenter Chargeback
For a complete list go to the Speaker and Session Catalog on Vmworld Europe 2009 site.