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04 December, 2009

Bug in Upgrading ESX 4.0 to 4.0 U1 : UPDATED

Hello all,
KB article has been updated on December the 2nd.

Due to a possible dead lock on rpmdb, upgrading ESX 4.0 to 4.0 Update 1 can fail or time out and leave the host in an unusable state

When attempting to upgrade ESX 4.0 to ESX 4.0 Update 1 (U1), you may experience these symptoms:
•Upgrade operation may fail or hang and can result in an incomplete installation
•Upon reboot, the host that was being upgraded may be left in an inconsistent state and may display a purple diagnostic screen with the following error:

COS Panic: Int3 @ mp_register_ioapic

KB Article: 1016070
Updated: Dec 2, 2009
Product Versions:
VMware ESX 4.0.x

have a look to the additional clarification here

Thanks to Mostafa


26 November, 2009

Bug in Upgrading ESX 4.0 to 4.0 U1

Hello all,
just to let you know, from Vmware KB:
Upgrading ESX 4.0 to 4.0 U1 using Update Manager fails or times out and rebooting the host results in a purple diagnostic screen

Read all


20 November, 2009

VMware ESX 4.0 Update 1 has been released

Update 1 for ESX4 has been released:

- VMware View 4.0 support
- Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2 support – This release adds support for 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7 as well as 64-bit Windows 2008 R2 as guest OS platforms.
vSphere Client is now supported and can be installed on a Windows 7 platform
- Enhanced Clustering Support for Microsoft Windows
- Enhanced VMware Paravirtualized SCSI Support
- Improved vNetwork Distributed Switch Performance
- Increase in vCPU per Core Limit
- Enablement of Intel Xeon Processor 3400 Series

read what's new with ESX 4.0 update 1 and for vCenter 4.0 update 1



19 November, 2009

VIDEO: VMware vNetwork Distributed Switch and vSphere

Two great Videos from vmwaretv explains a great feature in vSpere: Distribuited Switch.

The theory:

the practice:


19 October, 2009

VMware vCenter CapacityIQ Released

VMware vCenter CapacityIQ has been released.

From VMware site:

VMware vCenter CapacityIQ is a value-add component of the VMware vCenter family of management solutions, providing capacity management capabilities for virtualized datacenter or desktop environments. CapacityIQ integrates seamlessly with VMware vCenter Server, ensuring that your virtualized infrastructure capacity is always predictable and efficiently used.

VMware vCenter CapacityIQ balances business demand with IT
supply, without compromising performance, availability and security. With
CapacityIQ, your IT infrastructure is guaranteed to have sufficient capacity to
meet any business service level agreements. IT organizations can leverage
VMware vCenter CapacityIQ in a number of scenarios, including:

Cost avoidance and justification. Do more with the same or less! Optimize utilization of existing hardware resources or justify any new business purchases.

Availability and risk mitigation. Plan for potential business and service disruptions proactively by modeling the impact of an outage, failure or disaster.

Project planning and decision-making. Model the effect of one-time
strategic business changes. Quantify the results of workload consolidations,
company acquisitions, additional new headcounts or deployment of multi-tiered

[read all...]


05 October, 2009

VMware Site Recovery Manager 4 launches today!

VMware Site Recovery Manager 4 launches today! The new version is vSphere compatible with NFS support and N-to-1 failover. Site Recovery Manager 4 eliminates the slow manual steps of recovery.
Learn more

Misc resources and FAQs from Vmware.com site.


30 September, 2009

VIDEO: VMware View Performance with Intelligent Caching

From NetAPPtube a storage deduplication video


28 September, 2009

VIDEO VMworld 2009 - VMsafe status update

From VMWorldTV a status update on VMsafe technology


27 September, 2009

VIDEO: VMware Virtual Storage Console - VMworld 2009

Directly from VMWorld 2009 in San Francisco, NetApp introduces the VSC, a vCenter plug-in which automates and simplifies storage connectivity.


26 September, 2009

VIDEO: How to build 5000 Virtual Desktop in less than 5 minutes

Hi all,
this video has been published by NetApp on YouTube to demonstrate the cost savings of their zero cost provisioning and data deduplication with VMware VDI. Check it out!


VIDEO: Another application for Iphone and Vmware

This is a video from VMworldTV by Richard Garsthagen (http://www.run-virtual.com).
It was recorded at VMworld 2009 in San Francisco and show how to run VMware View / RDP sessions on your iPhone with the wyse Pocket Cloud client.

Thank you Richard!
hope you all "iPhoners" out there like it!

31 August, 2009

VMWorld 2009 San Francisco: Started

Here's the video posted by Richard Garsthagen showing us the buildup of VMWorld Datacenter.
Resources in the datacenter are:

- 776 ESX Servers
- 37 Terrabyte internal RAM Memory
- 6208 Cores
- 348 TB of Shared Stora

Enjoy it!

23 July, 2009

New Beta release of vAudit

Hello all,
Richard Garsthagen has just released vAudit v0.90 beta.
The program is called vAudit and it allows you to audit your VMware View environments. vAudit will show you when your users are working with their desktops in an easy timeline.

You can download it for free following this link
Thank you Richard


14 June, 2009

VManage: iPhone Apps for managing your virtual infrastructure

From EBApps.com:
Want to manage your VMware virtual environment on the go? Now there’s an app for that! VManage is an application developed to allow the IT administrator to view critical environment data about their virtual infrastructure as well as perform fundamental tasks such as VMotion’ing from anywhere at any time. Viewing basic performance data (more advanced data to come) is as easy as selecting a Virtual Machine or Host and examining the details. Simply add a Virtual Center server address, credentials and a VPN if necessary and that’s it.

read all...

22 April, 2009

Storage in VMware vSphere

From Stephen Foskett Blog:

Storage Changes in the VMware vSphere 4 Family
VMware officially launched their next-generation (version 4) enterprise family of products today under the “vSphere 4″ name. As I’ve been doing for the last few major ESX releases, I’m focusing this post on the storage changes present in vSphere 4.
[Read All...]

20 April, 2009

Oracle Agrees to Acquire Sun Microsystems

From NY Times Online:

Oracle Agrees to Acquire Sun Microsystems
Published: April 20, 2009

The Oracle Corporation, the technology information company, announced Monday that it would acquire a rival, Sun Microsystems, for $9.50 a share, which would value the transition at $7.4 billion.
The deal with Oracle came about two weeks after I.B.M. ended its talks with Sun. The Sun board balked at that deal after I.B.M. lowered its offer to $9.40 a share...
Read all...

19 April, 2009

Slow Boot issue - Part 2

some days ago I've published the post Slow Boot with Windows Server 2008 x64 that point to a VMTN Community discussion thread.
In those days the thread gets updated and a knowledge base article has been linked from a user.
Read the KB1004901


14 April, 2009

EMC present EMC Virtual Matrix Architecture (V-MAX)

From EMC Site:
HOPKINTON, Mass.– April 14, 2009–EMC Corporation (NYSE: EMC), the world
leader in information infrastructure solutions, today unveiled a breakthrough
new approach to high-end data storage with an innovative new architecture
purpose-built to support virtual data centers. EMC also announced the first
storage system based on this architecture, which will serve as a cornerstone of
virtual computing infrastructures that are transforming the technology
Read all...

The New Symmetrix V-Max Tiered Storage SystemThe first new Symmetrix model based on the Virtual Matrix Architecture is the Symmetrix V-Max storage system, the world's largest high-end storage array, featuring:

- Up to 128 Intel Xeon processor cores
- Up to 1 TB (terabyte) of global memory
- Fibre Channel/FICON/Gigabit Ethernet/iSCSI connectivity
- Latest generation Flash/Fibre Channel/SATA drive support
- Scale to 2,400 drives
- Maximum usable, protected capacity of 2 PBs (petabytes)


Slow Boot with Windows Server 2008 x64

Hi all,
there is a thread on Vmware Communities that seems to me very interesting. The title is "Windows Server 2008 Slugish and slow to boot". As I'm experiencing the same issue I write thi post in order to spread the subject as much as possible and to get back some feedback (maybe with solution).
Two links that can help:

Scott Drummonds has been working for VMware since January of 2007. He participates in a wide variety of performance issues including VDI, performance problem solving, field support, competitive analysis, and general marketing activities

Waiting for feedbacks :)


13 April, 2009

Virtualization with Microsoft... (Miths Buster Video)

I have no words...
Look the video and have your own thinkings...

Microsoft Mythbusters: Top 10 VMware Myths

This video has been linked from a lot of bloggers sometimes with considerations. Here's the list:



An interesting video on Cloud Computing

Hi all,
I'm embedding a video produced by rPath.
The title of the video is "Cloud Computing in Plain English" and
takes the confusion out of cloud computing with this humorous animation in plain English.

Here's the video.

For thanking this enterprise for the good video let's tell something about them and give some links

About rPath
rPath is widely recognized as a pioneer in solutions for reducing the cost and complexity of delivering enterprise applications across traditional, virtualized and cloud-based environments. (Read all...)


11 April, 2009

Easter 2009

Hello all! I want to wish you an Happy Easter 2009.
I want to do it in all (well maybe not all but a lot) languages:

Happy Easter (Inglese)
Buona Pasqua(Italiano)
Joyeuse Pasques (Francese)
Frohe Ostern (Tedesco)
Felices Pascuas (Spagnolo)
Fouai Hwo Gie Quai le (Cinese)
Eeid -Foss’h Mubarak (Arabo)
Sretun Uskrs (Croato)
Gezuar Pashken (Albanese)
Paste Fericit (Rumeno)
Vesele Velikonoce (Ceco)
Sreken Veligden (Macedone)
Souk San Van Easter (Laotiano)
Veselá velká noc ( Slovacca)
Boa Pascoa (Portoghese)
Kalo Paska(Greco)
Zalig Paasfeest (Olandese)
Schastilvoi Paschi (Russo)
Giad Pàsk (Svedese)
Srecan Uskrs (Serbo)
Vrolijke pasen (Neerlandese)
God pasque (Danese)
Bon fiesse-d’joyeuse pôque (Vallone)
Felician Paskon en Kristo Resurektinta ( Esperanto)
Shnorhavor surb zatik (Armeno)
A fraylekhn Pesah (Yiddish)
Gofúkkatsu Omédetoo ( Giapponese)
Ieasika Elihle (Zulù)


01 April, 2009

VMware ESX/ESXi 3.5 Update 4 is Available for Download

From Vmware Site (www.vmware.com):
VMware announces general availability (GA) of VMware ESX/ESXi 3.5 Update 4

This new release of ESX/ESXi 3.5 Update 4 comes with the following enhancements:
• Enablement for platforms mounting the Intel Xeon 5500 Nehalem-EP processors family
• Expanded Support for Enhanced VMXNET
• Experimental support for PXE boot with ESXi installable
• New servers, IO devices and new guest Operating Systems

and many others...

read ESX 3.5 U4 Release notes

read ESX 3i v3.5 U4 release notes


24 March, 2009

A great guide to VCB set up

From VIops:
Created on: Mar 11, 2009 12:50 PM by Dave Convery, VMware vExpert


Instead of installing backup agents in all of our guests and backing up over the LAN, we prefer to use VCB with our chosen backup provider in LAN-free mode.
VMware Consolidated Backup enables the LAN-free operation by providing access to the VMDKs and quiescing guest disk operations to provide a clean backup, but you still need backup software to read the mounted disk and back it up.
This document explains how to set up and use VCB with any backup software, including those that do not have an integration kit provided by VMware.

Read all...

Thank you Dave


Administering Vmware from your mobile phone

From VMTN blog: March 20, 2009
Introducing VMware vCenter Mobile Access (vCMA).
vCMA allows you to monitor and manage VMware Infrastructure from your mobile phone with an interface that is optimized for such devices.

Specifically, it allows you to:

  • Search for virtual machines in your data center
  • Migrate virtual machines from one host to another using vMotion
  • Execute recovery plans using VMware Site Recovery Manager
  • Access Scheduled Tasks, Alarms and Events
  • And much more...

Here's the video (thanks bkolin)


17 March, 2009

Cisco and VMware Enhance Virtualization with Powerful, Scalable Unified Computing System

From Vmware Site
SAN JOSE, CA, and PALO ALTO, CA March 16, 2009 – Cisco® and VMware today announced a comprehensive, strategic original equipment manufacturer (OEM) agreement which will incorporate product engineering and integrated sales and support strategies for datacenter virtualization and unified computing. The resulting combination of the Cisco Unified Computing System with VMware’s virtualization platform will provide customers with access to a unique and powerful virtualized and physical computing system over an intelligent, unified network fabric.

Read all...

Cisco Unified Computing System

Directly from Cisco Newsroom
SAN JOSE Calif. - March 16, 2009 - Cisco today unveiled an evolutionary new data center architecture, innovative services and an open ecosystem of best in class partners to help customers develop next-generation data centers that unleash the full power of virtualization. With today's announcement, Cisco is delivering on the promise of virtualization through Unified Computing - an architecture that bridges the silos in the data center into one unified architecture using industry standard technologies. Key to Cisco's approach is the Cisco Unified Computing System which unites compute, network, storage access, and virtualization resources in a single energy efficient system that can reduce IT infrastructure costs and complexity, help extend capital assets and improve business agility well into the future.

Read all...

05 March, 2009

VIDEO: delivering IT as a Service

Day two keynote by Stephen Harrod - Part 13 (Final)

Delivering IT as a Service


VIDEO: two virtual machines on a Smartphone DEMO

Day two keynote by Stephen Harrod - Part 12

Jerry Chen Demo: two virtual machines on a Smartphone


VIDEO: evolution of the mobile phone

Day two keynote by Stephen Harrod - Part 11

your new mobile phone won't be the same...


VIDEO: Jerry Chen - PC over IP (PCoIP)

Day two keynote by Stephen Harrod - Part 10

Jerry Chen (Vmware View Team) present the future of VMWare View


VIDEO: vCloud API Interoperability

Day two keynote by Stephen Harrod - Part 9

vCloud API Interoperability


VIDEO: vCenter vCloud Plugin Demo

Day two keynote by Stephen Harrod - Part 8

vCenter vCloud Plugin Demo


VIDEO: vCenter on Linux as a Virtual Appliance

Day two keynote by Stephen Harrod - Part 7

vCenter on Linux as a Virtual Appliance


VIDEO: vCenter Server Host Profile Features

Stephen Harrod Keynote Video - Part 6

vCenter Server Host Profile Features


VIDEO: vCenter Server Linked Mode

Day two keynote by Stephen Harrod -Part 5

vCenter Server Linked Mode


VIDEO: Day two keynote by Stephen Harrod - Part 4

Stephen Harrod Keynote Video - Part 4


VIDEO: Day two keynote by Stephen Harrod - Part 3

Sthephen Harrod Keynote Video - Part 3


02 March, 2009

VIDEO: Day two keynote by Stephen Harrod - Part 2

Sthephen Harrod Keynote Video - Part 2


VIDEO: Day two keynote by Stephen Harrod - Part 1

Day 2 Stephen Harrod keynote Video - Part 1


25 February, 2009

3.15 PM: latency based performance analysis

After VmWare Unplugged I'm here waiting to attend a session about analysis of performance before and after AppSpeed.
the speakers are Scott Drummonds (Mktg) and Asaf Wexler (R&D).

stay tuned


VIDEO: VmWorld 2009 Opening Session Part 5

Opening session day One keynote video Part 5 (Final)


VIDEO: VmWorld 2009 Opening Session Part 4

Opening session Keynote Video Part 4


VIDEO: VmWorld 2009 Opening Session Part 3

Keynote video day one Part 3:


VIDEO: VmWorld 2009 Opening Session Part 2

Day one keynote video part 2


25th Feb: General Session Keynote

I'm in my seat waiting for the opening keynote of today: Dr. Stephen Harrod will give us a view on the future of virtualization "from the desktop to the datacenter"

see the auditorium filling up.


24 February, 2009

The Orange Zone: Hands On Labs

Today I walk to the Orange Zone. The open space is full of desks and oragne t-shirted guys that follow you during your session with self paced labs.
Hand On Labs are opened from 11 AM to 6 PM until Feb 25Th and from 9 AM to 4 PM on Feb 26th.
The labs are 13 and here's the list of what you can put your hands on:
  • Next Generation Datacenter Exploration
  • Securing Virtual Datacenter with VmWare VShield
  • VmWare vCenter SRM
  • VmWare Lifecycle Manager
  • Lab Manager and Stage Manager
  • vCenter Data Recovery (Tech Preview)
  • vCenter appSpeed
  • View manager and Composer
  • ThinApp
  • ViewManager and Offline Desktops
  • Powershell
  • vNetwork Distribuited Switch: Cisco Nexus 1000v
  • VmSafe and Virtual Firewall
I was not lucky as all the seats at lab 11 was busy: I will retry tomorrow.
Have a look at the Orange Zone:


Tech Preview: VMware vCenter Server

While I'm blogging the seesio is about to start.
The speakers are Catherine Fan and David Friedlander, respectively Technical Marketing Manager and Sr. Product Marketing Manager (both from VmWare).

get back later

Breakout session: introduction to VM vCenter Orchestrator

Hello all,
I'm attending Sia Yiu session on vCenter Orchestartor.
For now the best session I've attended at VmWorld 2009!
Basically VMWare Orchestrator helps you in automatizing a lot of tasks inside your virtual infrastructure: the product come with predefined and customizable workflows tha can be applied to a wide set of common tasks from simple one to really complicated (upgrade from an ESX release to a new one a complete set of live ESX hosts),
All the workflows are exportable and reusable/recustomizable in a different environment

VIDEO: VmWorld 2009 Opening Session

Hi all,
the opening session is just finished: Paul Maritz announce vSphere as the new name for next release of Virtual Infrastructure.
He introduced the concept of virtual cloud as the future environment for the IT as a Service.

In the second part of the session we have an example of how an Intenal Cloud has been created at SAP.

Keynote day one - Part One


23 February, 2009

VmWorld 2009 is started: Partners Day

Hello all,
I'm in Cannes for VmWorld 2009: I've just listened to the Opening Keynote from Paul Maritz (President and CEO of VmWare) for partners.
After Paul Maritz we have a speech from Carl Eschenbach, Executive Vice President of Worldwide Operations, and a brief keynote from Maurizio Carli, General Manager EMEA.
Unfortunatly I cannot post videos at the moment.
In the meanwhile I can only say that future of virtualization with VmWare is full of new features :)
Stay tuned!


17 February, 2009

Auto-Scheduler for VmWorld 2009 Session

Hi all,
I've just received an email from Vmworld 2009 event mailing list: there is a very useful tool to give priorities to sessions of your interest and auto schedule all the event based on what you most like. It's possible to add also your personal appointments and resolve the conflict among them and the Vmworld Lab and speakers sessions.
Unfortunatly you cannot book the session seat :) .
here's the link: Scheduler Assistant

01 February, 2009

VMWorld 2009 - Session and Speakers Catalog

Hello all,
here's just some of the interesting things we will see at VMWorld 2009:
  • Best Practices for Deploying SharePoint/MOSS 2007 on VMware Infrastructure
  • Virtualizing Exchange 2007 and BlackBerry Enterprise on VMware Infrastructure
  • An Introduction to VMware vCenter Orchestrator
  • vCenter Server for Linux
  • VDI versus Terminal Services
  • Improving Desktop Application Deployment with ThinApp
  • Desktop Disaster Recover with View and SRM
  • An Introduction to VMware vCenter Chargeback
For a complete list go to the Speaker and Session Catalog on Vmworld Europe 2009 site.

01 January, 2009