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30 March, 2008

Computer Based Training for ESX

Hi all,

while surfing the Internet I came across a site on which you can find computer based training for a lot of different technologies. They have just released their CBT for ESX virtualization technology: I'm lucky and they send me the complete training to have a look to.

The course is very complete and presents also the technology that could go together with virtualization (P2V, VCB, third party software...).

All the course is divided in about twenty chapters: each chapter is an HQ video that explains the chapter subjects.

Nothing must be installed on your workstation and all the course chapters are attendable from your browser (in picture you can see the starting page of Disc 2 of the training)

However this kind of course do not give you the ability to get the VCP exam and if you are intrested in having the certification you MUST attend a classroom course teached by a Certified VmWare Trainer

This course give you the ability to understand better what's going on in your virtual datacenter, if you have one, or to get a solid base to start virtualizing. The course is distributed by TrainSignal
Here are just some of the training you will find in Trainsignal VMware ESX Server Training Videos:

  • Discover what virtualization is, the many ways to utilize it.
  • Find out about the different types of virtualization.
  • Find out how to select the right hardware needed for virtualization, RAM, CPU, Disk Storage.
  • See the step-by-step installation process for VMware ESX Server, as well as for VMware Virtual Infrastructure and VMware Virtual Center
  • Maintain your VMware ESX Server configuration and all of your virtual guest machines with the Virtual Infrastructure Client's visual interface, as well as the service console.
  • Discover how to create virtual machines, virtual appliances, resource pools, clusters, and much more.
  • Find out how to configure and manage VMware Server using VMware Management Interface and VMware Server Console.
  • Learn how to use Tasks, Events, Alarms, and Maps in VMware ESX Server.
  • Understand what Virtual Machine Snapshots are and how to use them.
  • Discover the many different types of virtual networking with VMware and their advantages
  • Learn how to clone and migrate virtual machines: V2V and P2V.
  • Find out the different types of backups available for VMware, as well as third party companies.
  • Get familiar with the new features in VMWare ESX Server 3.5 and VMware ESX Server 3i.
  • Learn how to efficiently update VMware ESX Server with little to no downtime!


16 March, 2008

Patches released, 10 march 2008

We have some more patches for Virtual infrastructure:
check out these links:
  • patches for 3.5 link
  • patches for 3.0.2 link

for better manageability upgrade to Virtual Center 2.5 and use Update Manger



06 March, 2008

Have a nice day

some good humor for the geeks :)



05 March, 2008

Network device for virtualization

In Cannes, while walking around in Solutions Exchages open space, I've met a friend of mine at Intel booth, that give me a demo of Virtual Machine Device Queues: this is a new tecnology for improving network throughtput in virtualized environment.
Have a look to PDF whitepaper


04 March, 2008

Storage vMotion Plug-in (unsupported)

Hello all,
in LostCreation Site you can find an interesting (unsupported) plugin for Virtual Infrastructure Client. With this addon you can graphically execute Storage vMotion of your virtual machines between your 3.5 ESX physical hosts.
Have a look here


02 March, 2008

Interview with Richard Garsthagen

I'm inserting the interview that Virtualization.com bloggers Tarry Singh and Nicolas 'Charbax' Charbonnier have done in Cannes with Richard Garsthagen, Organizer of VMworld Europe 2008 and VMware Evangelist.

Thanks Tarry http://tarrysingh.blogspot.com/

Storage Deduplication

Starting from this article (in Italian) that's been posted in VMUG Italy Blog.

At Vmworld a new frontier for storage technologies has been presented by some hardware vendors: it's called deduplication (or deduping). With this technology you can save on space used by data on your storage "removing" the duplicates:
  • while writing the data (inline deduplication)
  • after the data has been written (post processing deduplication)

the choice between the two is based on the type of application you are running on the top of the storage (cloning, database, backup,...)

More info in the NetApp whitepaper about deduplication (PDF file)



Lot's of links from Vmworld 2008 bloggers

Hello all,
I'm back to the real world after a week in the "virtual" one: session of the conference were all good but I cannot manage to attend them all.
A lot of session were "sold out" and I cannot write on them all: on my last day in Cannes I've a quick talk with Mike Laverick about Vmworld 2008 and the differences we have seen since 3 years ago TSX in Paris. Mike, as always, has written some very good posts on his blog on technical and not-technical subject

A key role in Vmworld 2008 has been played by Richard. All the days busy, running here and there: thank you very much Richard!! Have a look to his blog articles about the convention in Cannes: