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05 October, 2007

Postcard and Honey Pot from Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Hi all,
I'm a little busy at the moment but I want to thank Deborah Weisman from Computer Center at tha Hebrew University of Jerusalem. I'm attaching the email I've got from her last month.

We just got a physical redhat machine whose disk was dying to boot in our esx server thanks to your help! (by redoing initrd with

We still don't have the ethernet card working yet though. It doesn't see it at all.

Thanks again,

Deborah Weisman
Computer Center
Faculty of Agriculture
Hebrew University of Jerusalem

The network card is working now, too

She used the article for cloning Linux with Converter in order to solve their issue with the linux box.

Yesterday I've got a postcard from her and three pots of honey!! :)
I've attached the postcard in this blogpost.

Thank you Dvorah! Hope to see you some days (maybe at netx TSX Europe)