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23 July, 2007

Vmware Contest : Be virtually famous

Hi all,
I've posted a video in "VmWare contest site"

Please have a look to the embedded clip cause on the contest site all the colour are messed up, I think for additional compression.
After you've seen it, pls go to View and Rate Video Section and vote for me ;)

Thank you all!!!


16 July, 2007

10 July, 2007

Veeam configurator

From Tarry Blogging

Veeam Configurator integrates with and extends the capabilities of VMware VirtualCenter, maintaining and building on VirtualCenter’s centralized view and associated benefits, such as VirtualCenter partitioning to simultaneously configure all ESX Servers in a cluster. Veeam Configurator offers GUI-based centralized control over ESX settings and subsystems not accessible from the VirtualCenter interface, freeing administrators from reliance on the service console

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[Have a look at Veeam Configurator on Veeam Site]

VMware Release Exchange 2003 Performance Whitepaper

On Vmware site has been published a 19 pages whitepaper that explain how Exchange 2003 perform and scale when installed on virtual machines.

Abstract from the introduction of the whitepaper
Virtualization has become a mainstream technology, allowing enterprises to
consolidate underutilized servers
while helping to increase reliability and
fault tolerance and simplify load balancing. As organizations
virtualization in the data center, many may consider virtualizing
Microsoft Exchange software. This paper
suggests how an enterprise-critical
messaging application like Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 should be
sized and
deployed on VMware® ESX Server to obtain a satisfactory Quality of Service.
Specifically, we
􀂄 The performance implications of running
Exchange Server 2003 on a virtual machine versus a physical
􀂄 The
performance of Exchange Server 2003 in virtual machine configurations when
“scaling-up” (adding
more processors to a machine) and “scaling-out” (adding
more machines).
This paper discusses the performance and scalability of
Exchange Server 2003 when it is deployed within
virtual machines hosted by
VMware ESX Server 3.0.1 on a Dell® PowerEdge® 6850 server with a
CX500 FC SAN. The Heavy user profile from Microsoft’s Exchange
Server 2003 Load Simulator benchmarking
tool was used to simulate the
Exchange workload.

[Download PDF...]

Intel Invests in VMware

From vmwarewolf blog

Intel and VMware announced today that Intel Capital is assuming a $218.5
million stake in VMWare. Intel Capital will invest $218.5 million in VMware’s
Class A common stock subject to customary regulatory and other closing
conditions including Hart-Scott-Rodino (HSR) review.
Intel will purchase 9.5
million Class A shares at $23 per share, which, at the completion of VMware’s
forthcoming IPO, will give Intel about a 2.5 percent stake in the
VMware has indicated the price range on its offering: $23-25.
Assuming this pricing is somewhere in the mid-range, the company will raise a
cool $741.4 million. According to bloggingstocks.com this IPO “should be
scorching hot”. You can find the prospectus
at the SEC web site.

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09 July, 2007

Documenting a Virtualization Project: savings in depth

Very interesting link to a post on Documenting a Virtualization Project blog

This article describes in depth the saving for power consumption, cooling, real estate costs, ... that the author (martijinl) has achieved with virtualization.

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