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18 June, 2007

Ouch!!! Another i?86 issue...

Hi all,

while installing VmTools from VI 3.0.1 in an old Linux (RedHat 6.x) distro I get this error messages:

I think that's because the distro cannot understand what kind of processors it's running on (Opteron).
I manage to solve this problem using the –-ignorearch switch for rpm command (see man rpm)
Hope to help

14 June, 2007

Climate Savers Computing Initiative

Believe it or not, the average desktop PC wastes nearly half the power
delivered to it. Half! This wasted electricity unnecessarily increases the cost
of powering a computer, and it also increases the emission of greenhouse
gases.Improving the energy efficiency of computers is a cost-effective way to
reduce electricity consumption and the emission of greenhouse gases that
contribute to climate change.The Climate Savers Computing Initiative brings
together industry, consumers and conservation organizations to significantly
increase the energy efficiency of computers and servers.

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Thank you guys

I'll keep you informed with the visitors map montly

Thank you!!!

Green is the color...

Wall Street Firms Reduce Data Center Energy Consumption
By Penny Crosman

When we heard that Bank of America is installing -- brace yourselves, gentlemen -- waterless urinals in the "green" skyscraper it's building near Bryant Park for its investment banking operation, we realized that Wall Street is starting to take energy and water conservation seriously. Not that we've come across many tree-huggers on the Street, but for very practical business reasons, technology executives are looking to reduce the power consumed by their data centers -- the primary electricity guzzlers in any company -- even as their computing needs grow.

"So watt," you say? Following are five reasons why you should care about the megawatts of energy flowing through your data centers:

1. The amount of juice soaked up by giant server farms is growing fast -- it literally doubled between 2000 and 2005, according to a report out of Berkeley National Laboratory. And power consumption by the world's data centers is predicted to increase by an additional 40 percent by 2010, the research found. The growth is fueled by the increasing number of installed, low-end volume servers -- typically systems costing less than $25,000, including racks of blades -- more than the actual energy usage per server.

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VMware Announces Pre-Order Availability and Pricing of VMware Fusion for Mac Users

From VmWare Site

Combines Mac User Interface with Industry-leading Virtualization Technology and Introduces Unity Feature for Seamless Windows Application Integration

PALO ALTO, Calif., June 12, 2007 —VMware, Inc., the global leader in software for industry-standard virtualized desktops and servers, today announced pre-order availability and pricing for VMware Fusion, which enables Mac users to simultaneously run Mac, Windows, Linux, NetWare and Solaris-based applications without rebooting. Starting today, through a special promotion, customers can pre-order VMware Fusion for $39.99 from www.vmware.com/mac until the product is generally available.

VMware currently plans to make VMware Fusion generally available prior to the end of August 2007 for a suggested retail price of $79.99. All statements regarding VMware Fusion herein, including the features below, are made with respect to VMware Fusion beta versions, including the latest VMware Fusion Beta 4, which is available today at www.vmware.com/mac.

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08 June, 2007

VMware Advances Hosted Computing Services

New VMware Service Provider Program Helps Deliver Virtual Infrastructure to Customers as a Hosted Offering to Increase Service Levels and Value
PALO ALTO, Calif., June 6, 2007 — VMware, Inc., the global leader in software for industry-standard virtualized desktops and servers, today announced the VMware Service Provider Program (VSPP), which allows hosting providers such as Web hosting services, telecommunications companies and outsourcing businesses to bring to market new virtual infrastructure as service offerings.

The VSPP incorporates a new licensing model that makes the industry-leading VMware Infrastructure suite available to hosting providers on a per-virtual machine, per-month basis. With this new program, hosting providers can easily develop their own customized virtual infrastructure as service offerings that “rent” VMware virtual machine capacity to end customers.

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