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13 February, 2007

Performance Tuning Guide for ESX 3

From VMTN blog (Vroom!)

Optimizing ESX's performance is one of the primary tasks of a system administrator. One wants to make the best use of what ESX can offer not only in terms of its features but also their associated performance. Over time a number of customers have been asking us for a single comprehensive ESX performance tuning guide that would encompass its CPU, memory, storage, networking, resource management and DRS, component optimizations. Finally we have ...

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12 February, 2007

Netapp storage considerations

During a thread on VMTN discussion forum diztorted (thank you) intruduces interesting considerations on netapp storage.

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11 February, 2007

Lotus Domino: interesting considerations about virtualizing

From VMTN discussion forum:
another great question from jjpcarroll (thank you):

Any best practice in virtualizing Lotus Domino servers?

another answered question... but always interesting to know your opinion

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09 February, 2007

VI3 LUN and VM Planning

This is a very interesting thread on VMTN Discussion Forum that begin with some questions posed by jjpcarroll:

My main questions are:

  • Is it vital to seperate OS and data LUN's? Is RAID5 fine for both data and OS?

  • How large does the RDM file LUN need to be?

  • I read that you should only have 15 -20 VM's connecting to each LUN for i/o reasons is this correct?

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VMware Infrastructure 3 Named the 2006 Disaster Recovery Product of the Year by SearchWinComputing.com

From VMware site
Disaster Recovery a Major App for Virtualization
PALO ALTO, Calif., January 30, 2007 — VMware, Inc., the global leader in software for industry-standard virtualized desktops and servers, today announced that SearchWinComputing.com has named VMware Infrastructure 3 the 2006 Disaster Recovery Product of the Year. VMware Infrastructure 3, the third generation of the industry-leading infrastructure virtualization software suite, provides hardware-independent recovery, reduces hardware and infrastructure requirements and simplifies the steps in disaster recovery, enabling faster, more reliable and cost-effective disaster recovery.

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This is an OFF TOPIC post, but someone in the tech world could be interested.

From VMware site:
IPO Expected to Unlock Market Value of VMware for EMC Shareholders

PALO ALTO, Calif., HOPKINTON, Mass. – February 7, 2007 EMC Corporation (NYSE:EMC), the world leader in information infrastructure solutions, today announced its intention to sell approximately 10% of VMware via an initial public offering (IPO) of newly issued VMware stock.
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Make Easy Physical-to-Virtual Conversions

From VMware Site:

Automate and simplify physical to virtual machine conversions as well as conversions between virtual machine formats with the new, free VMware Converter. VMware Converter quickly and easily converts Microsoft Windows-based physical machines and third party image formats to VMware virtual machines. It also converts virtual machines between VMware platforms.

[Download VmWare Converter from Vmware site...]

VirtualCenter for VMware Server lets you centrally manage multiple servers running VMware Server

From VMware Site:

Centralized Management for VMware Server Enhance your VMware Server deployment by adding centralized management with VirtualCenter for VMware Server. Priced for small and medium businesses (SMBs), this easy-to-use offering has everything you need to start experiencing the benefits of virtualization in your IT infrastructure, including:

  • Increased utilization of existing servers, minimizing the need to purchase new hardware.
  • Rapid server provisioning—in minutes instead of hours or days.
  • Centralized management and monitoring of the virtual IT environment.

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