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27 September, 2006

HOWTO vmotion From Dell 2850 to Dell 2950 (woodcrest)

A VmWare community forum article about VMotioning between two different Dell physical server.

Thanks mcallistera!

We bought some new Dell 2950's with the woodcrest (5160 or 51xx) chipset to replace our "old" Dell 2850's. Our desire was to vmotion all our VMs from the old gear to the new gear as we replaced each server. Virtual Center dashed our hopes as we quickly ran into "CPU of destination host is incompatible" problems when attempting the VMotion. As most people know, vmotion between CPU's with different instructions can be problematic and there are apparently a couple of different approaches to overcome the incompatibility. The first approach: Tell virtual center to not test for CPU compatibility. This is NOT supported, and from what I've read VMWare support will be upset if you open a service request after doing this. But... According to this thread http://www.vmware.com/community/thread.jspa?messageID=372856 you simply put [ read all... ]

26 September, 2006

Links to interesting Configuration Whitepapers

There are some new useful links in VMTN.

One has been posted by Bogomil Balkansky Director of Product Marketing and it's about "Power and cooling savings with VMware Infrastructure".
The datacenter has typically been a quiet, and face it, boring, place: rows upon rows of identical computers and the droning sound of air conditioning – not exactly the place where journalists look for spectacular drama. And you want to keep it that way – if things are working as they should, no one needs to know what is going on in the datacenter, or that such a place even exists.
So why has the datacenter come out of its anonymity, and is suddenly filling
[read more... ]

There are also technical whitepaper for Virtual Infrastructure on EMC San

VMware ESX Server Using EMC Symmetrix Storage Systems
VMware ESX Server Using EMC CLARiiON Storage Systems
CLARiiON Integration with VMware ESX Server